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Jane Addams, Alice Hamilton, and Aletta Jacobs in Berlin, May 1915

The photo here is Alice Hamilton, MD, in 1893, the year she graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School, age 24 years.



Dr. Alice was born in New York City (27 Feb 1869), raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and died in Hadlyme, Connecticut, at age 101 years (22 Sep 1970) just after the OSHAct was signed in the USA for Occupational Safety and Health. Her life was full of work, travel, and writing.

In her day, Hamilton was climbing into mines and quarries, touring factories, and protecting immigrant workers, While living at Hull House, she investigated drug traffic in Chicago, and those who sold cocaine. She visited lead works, smelters, and potteries in Germany, England, and Belgium to see what Europe was doing to protect worker health.

In her 40s, as a recognized expert on lead poisoning and one of the few experts on occupational disease in the USA, Hamilton was invited to serve as a Special Investigator for Industrial Diseases. Over the next decade, she studied the hazards of lead, mercury, arsenic, and radium in the manufacture of watch dials. She wrote extensive reports with a master's stroke – clear, rigorous, and factual. 

Hamilton was in the first generation of college women in the USA, chaired the first state commission to survey occupational disease, and with a taste for adventure, blended modest charm with a tenacity for remediating dangerous work. She held the nation's first university appointment in industrial medicine, coincidentally as the first woman on the faculty of Harvard.



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